5 Facts About New Roof Installation

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5 Facts About New Roof Installation

As a roof ages, it loses its aesthetic appeal. It also becomes more prone to leaks. As a result, it not only messes with the appearance of your home, but it can also expose your home to the risk of water damage. When a roof is damaged beyond repair, or it has reached the end of it’s useful life, it is time for a complete roof replacement. The following are some of the things that you should keep in mind when looking to install a new roof in your home.

Your choice of roofing material will determine maintenance costs

Since the price of a roof varies depending on the type of roofing material, the price of repairing the same materials can also vary. This is because of the differences in the patching materials needed to seal any leaks. Some roofing materials are also much easier to maintain than others. For example, cleaning a metal roof will take less time and effort compared to cleaning a shingled roof. What this means is that it is important to consider more than the purchase price when shopping for a new roof. A roof is an investment, and you must also consider the long-term costs of maintaining and repairing your roof when you are choosing which roofing material is best for you.

Your roof deck will need protection

A roof deck serves as the base on which the roof will be installed. If you are replacing an old roof, it is important to ensure that this base is as firm as it should be. Eliminating any weak spots in the deck will guarantee a long-lasting installation, something that will end up reducing the need for repairs in the future. What you need to do is to look for any signs of rotting, loose fasteners, and broken wood. Replace any rotten wood and re-install the fasteners on the roof deck before installing the new roof.

Installing a drip edge is a must

One of the primary roles of a good roof is to keep a home moisture-free. If you want your roof to effectively perform this role, you have to arm it with a drip edge. A drip edge is piece of metal that is usually installed on the edges of a roof to keep moisture from seeping under the roof. It is important especially in areas that experience high-velocity winds.

Installing flashing is a must

Structures like chimneys usually protrude through a roof. While you can easily install the new roof around these structures, creating water-tight bonds in areas at which the roof and the given structure meet can be a challenge. This is where metal flashing will come in handy. Flashing usually covers the exposed joints of the roof ensuring that waterproof bonds are created. This reduces the risks of ending up with a roof leak.

Checking your Homeowners’ Association guidelines is necessary

In some situations, the homeowner is restricted as to the type of roofing materials that can be used on a roof. You may have to confirm if there are any limitations as far as roofing materials and colors if you live in a homeowners association. Doing this will help prevent having to re-install your roof. Hiring the best roofing contractors will reduce the number of installation mistakes, and ensure that your roof will last for a long time.