10 Popular Types of Roofing Materials

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10 Popular Types of Roofing Materials

Roof Material: 10 Popular Types for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Choosing the right roofing material for your home or business is essential. With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. But don’t fret, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll explore the 10 most popular types of roofing materials you can consider for your commercial or residential property in Glenview, IL.

1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. They are affordable, durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any architectural design. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, asphalt shingles will provide excellent protection against the elements while adding charm to your building.

2. Metal Roofing

If you’re looking for longevity and energy efficiency, metal roofing is a fantastic option. Metal roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain and strong winds, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Plus, they reflect heat, reducing cooling costs during hot Illinois summers.

3. Clay Tiles

If aesthetics are a top priority for you, consider clay tiles. These tiles provide a timeless and elegant look to your property while offering exceptional durability. Clay tiles are resistant to fire, insects, and rot, making them a popular choice for homeowners and business owners seeking long-lasting roofing solutions.

4. Slate

For those craving a sophisticated and luxurious appearance, slate roofing is the way to go. With its natural beauty and incredible durability, slate can last for over a century. While it may be a bit more expensive than other options, its unparalleled elegance and long lifespan make it a worthy investment for discerning property owners.

5. Wood Shingles

If you prefer a rustic and natural look, wood shingles are a perfect choice. These shingles are often made from cedar, redwood, or pine and can transform any building into a cozy retreat. Wood shingles are also eco-friendly and provide excellent insulation, helping you reduce your energy consumption.

6. Synthetic Roofing Materials

Synthetic roofing materials, such as polymer, rubber, or plastic, offer a budget-friendly alternative to natural materials without sacrificing durability. Synthetic roofs mimic the appearance of wood, slate, or even metal, allowing you to achieve the desired look without breaking the bank. They are lightweight, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance.

7. Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are known for their strength and fire resistance. They come in various shapes, colors, and textures, making them a versatile choice for both commercial and residential properties. Concrete tiles can withstand harsh weather conditions and have a lifespan of 50 years or more.

8. Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is an excellent choice for flat or low-sloping roofs. Made from recycled materials, rubber roofs are eco-friendly and provide exceptional durability. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and offer excellent resistance against UV rays and extreme temperatures. Rubber roofing is an ideal option for both residential and commercial buildings.

9. Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is a type of asphalt roofing that combines the durability of traditional asphalt with added flexibility and strength. This roofing material is perfect for flat or low-sloping roofs and provides great resistance against weather elements, including high winds and hailstorms. Modified bitumen is commonly used in commercial buildings but can also be suitable for residential applications.

10. Green Roofing

For those who prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness, green roofing is the way to go. Green roofs are covered in vegetation, providing natural insulation and countless ecological benefits. They can enhance air quality, reduce stormwater runoff, and create a beautiful and peaceful environment. While green roofing requires specialized installation and maintenance, its advantages make it a worthwhile investment.


When it comes to selecting the ideal roofing material for your commercial or residential building in Glenview, IL, consider your priorities, style preferences, and budget. Whether you opt for the affordability of asphalt shingles or the elegance of slate, there’s a roofing material that will suit your needs. Consult with a professional roofing contractor, like Nick’s Roofing and Siding, to ensure you make an informed decision. The right choice of roofing material will provide protection, add value to your property, and leave you with peace of mind for years to come.